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A trip to this Pet Sanctuary will change your kid’s perspective about Animals


Hey Bengaluru Parents …we have found a pet sanctuary that is a must-do day-out with your kids. Located on Kanakapura road, a visit to this place aptly named Prani, could very well change your kids perspective about animals. It will give them a first-hand experience about pet-animals, what they like, dislike, their behavioral patterns including what they eat, how much they sleep, what scares them and more importantly – how they should be approached/loved and petted.


One of the first enclosures that you come across is that of the rodents (rats,mice, etc) . Wouldn’t most of us scream on seeing them on our roads (ok – now don’t lie – I’m sure you would!!). Here too – the first reaction for us is of uneasiness/fright but the Prani staff made us, especially the kids so comfortable – that they ended up holding these tiny creatures in their little hands. Hamsters are hands-down the cutest of them all.

Then there is the enclosure of the iguanas (now who is scared of lizards??). The staff once again explained that these are harmless and in fact herbivorous. While the tiny ones from this lizard family were surprisingly comfortable sitting on our hands (guess they have a lot of visitors), we could feel their sharp claws (tip-suggest you wear full sleeve shirts to avoid this). They also have one iguana which is about 4 feet or so. This VIP lizard has its own enclosure, which one could enter and pet it on the back.

Other animals include a horse, a pony, few emus, sheep, couple of donkeys, dogs, rabbits, ducks turkeys frogs, fishes and turtles (these turtles were apparently rescued from Edur Lake). Then there is an aviary which houses a lot of colorful birds. You are taught on how to call on them to sit on you and also the signal to make them fly away. (of course – it’ll take some time for you to master them)

My children loved experiencing these animals up close and personal, especially the puppies and the baby sheep. But the key take-away which made me happy was that they learnt how to pet an animal, to love it and not harm it irrespective of the way it looks. This is a lesson not taught elsewhere – so we suggest you get your kids to Prani and gift them this experience. They are open from 7am to 7pm and charge about 400rs per person.

Do visit their website – for more info.

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