Serving 150 plus craft beers from around the world, this place in Kuala Lumpur is where Beer Lovers should head to – the next time they are in Malaysia

BucketList.Asia is today covering something for beer lovers….Craft Beer lovers to be specific. We are showcasing a company which has since 2011 been real active in spreading the craft beer culture in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the beautiful Southeast Asian country –Malaysia.

For those who have not guessed it yet – the company we are talking about is Taps Beer Bar. The company which was started by 5 cousins (Adrian Chong, Brian Chong, Aaron Lim, Mili Lim and AlvinLim) imports and sells craft beers from around the world. Speaking to BucketList.Asia, Alvin said they would have anywhere between 150 to 250 craft beers. This coupled with good simple food and great live music is what he claimed to be their USP.

Some of the craft beer brands they serve include Brewdog (Scotland), Hitachino (Japan), Hawkers (Australia), Mikkeller (Denmark), Rogue (USA) and Øl (Denmark). When queried as to which one of these was their highest selling one, he said “That is easy! It’s the ElvisJuice by Bewdog! It’s a grapefruit infused IPA and so so drinkable.” (now now…I am definitely going to try that one out.)

Talking about the food, the menu was curated by Head Chef Aaron Ngow, who is said to have honed his skills in Melbourne’s culinary scene for a few years before returning to Capital. The cuisines they serve ranges from local to western and includes pizzas, pastas,fried kuey teow, fried rice amongst others.

Speaking about challenges and how they have overcome the same, Alvin said “Importing alcohol into Malaysia is always a challenge and it is still a challenge up until today. But I guess that’s the nature of the business so we will just have to keep facing them.  In terms of spreading the craft beer culture, we are still trying really hard with changing the perception and taste of the locals. So we do many events and host brewers who come to Malaysia to do beer tasting events.”

Their hard work seems to have paid off even amidst such challenges, because Tapas which started off with just 1 outlet in in 2011 at Changkat has since grown to 5. The other four locations include Arkadia, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Ben’s Independent Grocer DC Mall and IPC Mall. 

So, if you are in KL or planning to visit soon & love craft beer– head up to any of the above mentioned locations. Of course, needless to say – do let us know which craft beer you loved the most and why…Cheers!!!

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