Fine Dining on a flying sledge belonging to Santa Claus himself – now that’s a Xmas experience everyone should have on their BucketList !!!

Its Xmas season and one of the most special experiences one can witness is dining in the sky – oh wait a minute … that’s been there for quite sometime now right??…  Ok then how about dining on a flying Sledge belonging to Santa Claus himself…YAY!!!! Now that’s a Winner Experience at hand!!!

Wondering what are we talking about? Well the answer is a dining experience in the Malaysian capital called ‘Santa In The Sky’.  One can experience fine dining in the sky on a Sledge that looks exactly like Santa’s – with all the reindeers and other Xmas decorations like lights and mistletoes.

The unique experience is brought to you by a company called TwoSpicy Entertainment which also runs ‘Plane in the City’, a fine dining restaurant that is based in an actual Boeing 737 aircraft(which was recently covered by us). TwoSpicy is also the principle of Belgian novelty restaurant – Dinner in the Sky – for South East Asia region and the current Xmas-special experience of dining on the Santa’s Sledge is being provided under this arm.

Now, lets move on to the fun stuff. According to the details and pictures emailed by the company to BucketList.Asia, the mythical sledge looks exactly like one has seen in the comics, movies or television. The company seems to have made a lot of pain-staking efforts to make it look exactly like how one would visualize Santa’s Sledge. This we believe could make the whole experience, what we couldperhaps call ….hmm – DREAMY!!!

Located at No. 231 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Santa in the Sky can accommodate up to 16 people per session. This is much lesser than the 22 people per session they can accommodate for their Dinner In The Sky experience.

The sledge will be hosted at height of about 45 to 50 meters from the ground. This is said to allow one to experience two amazing views, which is the City Lights or Sunset view of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower.

If you thought that was awesome,wait till we tell you about the menu. It is said to be “carefully crafted” by Chef Jeff Ramsey. YES!! We are talking about the first and only American Chef who earned a Michelin Star outside of the US. He is also said to be the only starred chef to have brought “fun dining” to Malaysia.

TwoSpicy has already begun this -Santa in the Sky experience and one can visit  to make a reservation. Before we conclude, do note that this experience will be available only till January 2019, so BOOK NOW if you are in the Malaysian capital or planning to visit the beautiful city and make sure to check this off your BucketList !!!

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