Love Single Malt Whisky?? – Then this club which offers over 180 labels of the same, sourced primarily from Scotland & Japan –should be on your BucketList !!

Today, BucketList.Asia is bringing to our readers an exclusive club that is dedicated to serving Single Malt Whiskies. And we are going all the way to Thailand to tell you more about the same.

Called ‘The Diplomat Single Malt Club’, this exclusive place is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was opened in May 2018 by Andy Cheong, a single malt lover, who is originally from Singapore but been living in Thailand for the past three years.

He is said to have started this club to share his passion over single malts among others and also amidst the absence of a proper whisky bar in the city.

Speaking to our lifestyle portal, Cheong said that his club was the first of its kind in Thailand. He added that it served more than 180 labels of single malt, making it – the club with the biggest collection of single malt whiskies in the country.

Cheong explained that Thailand does not produce any single malt and hence his club sourced and imported them directly from other countries. Majority of these single malts, he added were from Scotland and Japan.

When queried on any exclusive collection, the founder said that the club housed the full range of Taiwanese award winning single malt ‘Kavalan’. He further added that it was the only bar to offer its own label of single malt “Glenfarclas Family Cask The Diplomat” bottled from a single cask that it acquired in Speyside, Scotland. This by the way is said to be their best seller.

Having whiskies from most of the single malt distilleries in the world, the club provides “sampling flights of whisky from different distillery / region / country for beginners.”  Cheong said that this made his club “the place to experience single malt at its best.”

Apart from the quality/range of single malts being offered, the club seems to have given an equal importance to its interiors/ambience (as can be seen in the pics). Housed in a 45 year-old traditional Lanna style building, the 900 sqft club can sits 35 people comfortably. It has a design language that is “modern/art deco blend, luxurious and chic whilst keeping the architectural integrity of the building.” This, Cheong said made his club the most conducive environment to experience single malt.

So, do visit this place when in Chiang Mai especially if you love single malts and let us know if you liked the whole experience. Oh and before we conclude, we are happy to say that Cheong has been sweet enough to offer BucketList.Asia readers a 10% discount on select items. So one more reason to visit the this club when in the beautiful Thai city.

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