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This award-winning craft beer company uses Chinese and German brewing equipment, New Zealand (NZ) water, malt from the UK, NZ & Germany and hops from NZ, US & Australia – Have you tried them yet?

Craft Beer has become a rage across Asia. This comes amid beer consumers becoming more open to the idea of trying new beer variants across flavors and brands. This comes as they place aside the brand loyalty they earlier had towards large-scale corporate breweries such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller, Heineken, and Carlsberg.

We at BucketList.Asia hence decided to cover a few craft brewing companies and for our first one, we are going all the way to New Zealand.

Started in 2013, Behemoth Brewing Company is the brainchild of founder & head brewer Andrew Childs, a former lawyer who quit his profession to dedicate his life completely to making good beer. The first craft beer it made was called Celia Wade Brown Ale, a coffee brown ale named after the Mayor of Wellington (New Zealand’s capital) Celia Wade Brown.

Headquartered in Auckland, the company has since come a very long way. While today, it has 10 permanent beers, it had in the recently concluded 2018 year, had launched 34 brand new beers. It makes these at its brewery+restaurant on Dominion Road, in Mount Eden and across a couple of breweries located around the sovereign island country. With regards to the equipment and ingredients, the company said it uses Chinese and German brewing equipment, local New Zealand water, malt from New Zealand, Germany & the UK and hops from New Zealand, USA and Australia.

Ok – now moving onto the beer itself. Behemoths’s highest selling beer in New Zealand is said to be -Something Hoppy IPA. Loaded with American hops, this craft beer is said to have great tropical and citrus characters. Other popular beers from them include – 1) Lid Ripper Hazy IPA 6.9% which has big juicy hop character along with lots of citrus and tropical flavours and aromas, 2) Triple Chocolate Milk Stout 6.5% – a smooth and intensely chocolatey milk stout and 3) Hopped up on Pils – a hoppy New Zealand Pilsner that is bright and fresh with flavours of passion fruit and gooseberries

The 1) and 2) mentioned above are not only popular but award winners as well. Speaking about the same, the company told BucketList.Asia that both these craft beers have won the Gold Medals at the New Zealand Brewers Guild awards held recently. They are also said to have earlier won Gold in the New World beer awards in the country.

Now, talking about packaging, Andrew seems to have given as much importance to this as he has to the way his company makes its beer. One cannot miss the cute grey monster that appears on its beer cans. We love the different styles/clothes this mascot appears in depending on the flavour of the beer.  

When queried to tell more about this, the company said, “Churly is our mascot. He came from our signature beer Chur NZ Pale Ale. Churly has been dressed up as over 100 different things in the last 5 years. It is a lot of fun seeing what we can do with him.”

So what next for Behemoth?? Well, from the production side, the company is in the process of getting its own brewery later this year. This, it said will solve its biggest challenge of getting enough brewing space. On the beer front, it is said it could launch 30 or more brand new beers. It asked us to specially keep an eye out for their Drink Yesterday Hazy IPA and Drink Tomorrow Imperial Stout series.

So while we do that – we suggest you try them out in New Zealand or in any of the 11 countries they currently export to & do comment which variant of theirs you liked the most….Cheers!!!

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