This craft beer company, which got its name from Norse mythology, won 13 medals and 2 trophies in 2018. Reason ENOUGH, why their beers should be on your BucketList!!

Amid the recent craft beer craze, we at BucketList.Asia decided to showcase to you – our readers – yet another company in this line of business. And for that, we are today, going to take you to the land of the kangaroos – Australia.

The company we are talking about is 3 Ravens Brewery. Started in 2003 by founders Peter Fitzgerald and Ben Pattison, this brewery which has an annual capacity of about 150,000 liters is located at Thornbury, Melbourne. It currently sells 9 different types of beers across different aromas, ABV’s, IBU’s and flavours. These are however all currently available only in Australia.

Amongst the different variants, what caught our attention was the ‘3 Ravens Salted Caramel Shake’. With an ABV of 6% and bitterness of 10 IBU, this IPA (India pale ale) style beer is said to have a rich malty sweetness, milky & low bitterness flavour and an aroma of sweet toffee, creme brulee & white grape. (sounds awesome doesn’t it!! – we are pretty sure it tastes fantastic as well)

So is this their best selling beer – NO. Speaking on the same, 3 Ravens told BucketList.Asia “Our Juicy IPA and Tropical Pale Ale are our 2 highest selling beers. They are easy drinking and approachable with great hop character and mouthfeel.”

So what do their best selling ones taste like?? I guess their respective label copies will best describe the same. So here goes – The former’s says “An unfiltered IPA with low bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel, combining protein rich triticale and oats, fruity yeast and new world hops to give the impression of breakfast juice.” Meanwhile, the label copy of the Tropical Pale Ale reads “Crack open your beak and let this cheeky New World Pale Ale cuddle your guts with it’s pillow-like mouthfeel and tropical blanket of hops.” (hmm..both sound awesome – now wonder they are bestsellers !!)

With regards to what’s new, the company threw light on a new beer variant called ‘Queen’s Secret’, which they said had been brewed for the upcoming Beer Deluxe Hop Quest 2019 event. This is said to be a Victorian style IPA with an ABV of 6.8% and bitterness of 93 IBU. It is further said to have a fruity, bitter, dry and light bready malt flavour and an aroma consisting of pineapple, passionfruit, earthy, resin & pine.

Another thing that’s new is their recently launched new beer club called the ‘Order Of Odin’. This offers two types of membership for an annual fee. Members receive beers, merchandise, discounts brewery tours, master classes and so on. Do check their website ( for more info.

Now, moving on, we were curious to know the USP of 3 Ravens & what made them stand out. This, considering, the fast pace at which the craft beer space is becoming (if not already) crowded. To this, it said, “Our USP is innovation and new product development. We pay respect to traditional ales while pushing boundaries to create our own, with influences and processes borrowed from old and new.”

Guess this USP of theirs seem to be working, cause it has definitely helped them not only to win many clients across Australia but a lot of awards. In 2018 alone, 3 Ravens managed to clinch 2 trophies and 13 medals (across Gold, Silver & Bronze). While we don’t want to list them all – we believe this is reason enough why their beers should be on every beer lovers BucketList!!

Finally, we would like to conclude this article with a tip 3 Ravens shared for our readers – “Your readers should keep an eye out for Good Beer Week event Woods Of The North that we’re holding at our brewery on May 11. It’s our annual celebration of all things wood. Three brewers, three cocktail bars, three cocktail beers, three beer cocktails, three barrel aged beers, three boilermakers PLUS picklebacks, fried pickles, wood-fired barbeque, hot sauce and live music. You do the math.”

So folks – mark your calendars and do pour into their brewery on 11th May and enjoy the feast which I am sure will be fit not just for Earthlings but for King Odin himself (Norse mythology..remember?? The father of Thor …ah now you remember) ….Cheers!!

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