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Love Craft Beer?? Then – India’s first brew-pub to serve 24 own handcrafted beers on TAP should be on your BucketList !!

It’s been a while since we wrote something on craft beer – the new age revolution that the beer /alcohol market is seeing in Asia. While we have come across plenty of breweries that serve about 5-6 types of craft beers, the one we are covering today, serves 24 own handcrafted beers on TAP. Yes, that’s right – 24!! Reason enough why it caught our attention and now hopefully yours as well.

Officially launched on 12th January 2019, at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, is this one-of-a-kind brewery aptly named – Drifters Tap Station. They claim to be the first ones in the country to serve so many own handcrafted beers on tap (oh wait a minute….are there other breweries as well in India that serve 2 dozen varieties of beer or more?? Do let us know if you know of any!)

Anyways, coming to the beer itself, while there are the regulars like Hefeweizen, IPL, Belgian wit and Pilsner, there are a few that seem to have an Indian twist such as the Kokum Cider (called Kiki Punch), Coconut Porter (called Dark Shadow) and Basmati Blonde (called Yellow Blonde). Their best seller however is said to be the Cricket Ale- Pale ale. The brewery claimed to have sold 500 litres of this till-date.

On the other hand, the beer they are particularly proud of, is said to be the Lemongrass white IPA. Speaking on the same, Drifters told BucketList.Asia, “We are the first ones to introduce lemongrass with an IPA which has wheat as a major portion”. Reason enough – why you should give it a shot (or a pint) the next time you are in India’s financial capital.

We did not want to leave you without a description of all their 24 craft beers. So find the same in the file below. (sounds so good, wish I could try them all).

Moving on (that is, if you are done reading the description of all the beers), Drifters is not just about providing a lot of beer varieties. They give a lot of importance to how it tastes as well. This is evident amid the fact that they have hired Honza Kocka from Prague as their master brewer. Not only does he come with more than 20 years of experience in brewing, but is also said to have visited major tasting competitions around the world as an experienced tester.

That’s not all, this brewery that was founded Sheetal Shah & Nayan Shah, have had their plant sourced from Czech republic and China with some tanks even been locally made as per designs given by Honza himself. They also give a lot of importance to ingredients and even source some of it including hops from the Czech Republic. All this show the great extent the founders are willing to drift to ensure their beers taste good!!

Coming to the ambience, designer Minnie Bhatt from Minnie Bhatt designs have given the 2837sq ft. brewery a vintage travel theme with travel maps and artifacts on walls with vintage floors and tables. This seems to not only be apt/go well with the brewery’s name but overall – give a cosy and rustic feel to guests.

Moving on to the food, Drifters Tap Station serves mainly bar food that goes well with its beers. This department is said to be lead, by Head Chef, Shyam Negi, who comes with more than 14 years of experience in the food industry. Two of his signature dishes which are a must-try include Stuffed Kulcha Balls and Bacon Wrapped Chicken Nibbles.

Now that we seemed to have covered all aspects of this promising brewery, we will conclude the article with a Tip for our wonderful Readers: Drifters Tap Station is having happy hours from 10pm onwards Sunday to Thursday. And they are currently offering a 15% discount off the bill to those that have liked their and our FB page.…so do drop in here to enjoy a few taps & of course don’t forget to try their signature kulcha balls and chicken nibbles.

Until next time….cheers!!

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