Love to race?? Then, this classy go-karting track which comes with a unique bridge and is surrounded by trees should be on your BucketList!!

Today, BucketList.Asia will for the first time be covering go-karting. Well it’s not because we are tired of writing about hotels and craft beers (of course it is a nice change to read about something else, isn’t it) but because we came across a karting company that has one of the most unique tracks ever.

Located in Jimbaran, the beautiful fishing village in the Indonesian island of Bali, is a company called – Karting Star Bali. And they have one of the most beautiful concrete surface tracks for racing go-karts.  

Officially opened on 4th March 2019, these tracks are not only the biggest in Bali but also feature a pretty unique bridge. Yes that’s right!! So racing over it and in the tunnel under it, makes for a super awesome experience.

That’s not all. The Russian founders – Roman and Evgeniy, have been environment-friendly while constructing the track by not cutting any of the trees. What we liked more is that the duo, who both btw love cars, bikes and speed, have chosen bamboo to construct their roofs. Speaking on the same, the company told BucketList.Asia, “Some of our clients can’t believe that this is go kart track and not a yoga retreat.”

So all-in-all, we have a classy go-karting track with a unique bridge surrounded by trees. Now, that’s reason enough why racing here should be on your Bucket List!!

Coming to the karts itself, they currently have 4 adult-karts which you can zip at a top speed of around 70km/h. The company is planning to add 2 more karts in a couple of months, considering their 400m long and 8m wide track can in total accommodate about 10 karts at once.

So, how much does it cost to race in this unique track?? Well, Karting Star Bali, provides two options. The first one, which is apt for beginners, costs 100,000 in local currency, for 3 laps. The second option costs double but gets you a good 8 minutes on the track.


The track which is located just 200m before Ayana Resort Jimbaran, is currently operational between 10am and 6pm. So do get there by then. They however are said to be planning to extend the timings and install headlights in the near future, so one can race during both evenings and nights. Now that is something we are looking forward to.

Other plans are said to include providing mini bikes and arcade electronic games in the venue, apart from organizing monthly championships.

So, if you are in Bali or planning to head there soon, do give these guys a visit. Until next time…..Happy Racing!!

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