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This restaurant’s ATM machines allow you to try more than 150 varieties of wines from across the world. Wine Lovers – This should be on your BucketList!!

While BucketList.Asia has covered many craft beer companies and microbreweries in the past, we have never covered wine, be it a manufacturer or a place that serves it. So, when we came across this unique one-of-a-kind restaurant that serves them on TAP (yes, that’s right), we did not want to miss the opportunity to showcase this to our readers.

Aptly called Wine Villa, this 3500 sqft Mumbai (India) based restaurant was started by Ms. Roopanshi Bhatt and Mr. Micky Panjvani (yes, they are the same successful pair behind India’s premier award-winning tea café – Tea Villa Café). Opening its doors to the public on 12th October 2018, this restaurant which seems to be kick-starting a Wine Revolution is located on the 3rd floor of Horizon Hotel in Juhu. According to Wine Villa, they are the first in India, and probably Asia as well, to start with the concept of Wine ATM, a novel dispenser that allows one to pour the fermented grape alcohol using a card on the table.

Speaking on the same, the company told BucketList.Asia, “Our primary USP are the Wine ATMs – automated wine dispensary machines that not just give that cool edge to wine-drinking, but also allow customers to try their wines at minimal cost before buying an entire bottle or even a glass. The Wine ATMs give more power to the customers by allowing them to try more than 150 wines from across the world. Every table will be equipped with a Wine ATM card which the patrons can then use to insert inside the Wine ATMs and choose from a tasting portion, a half-glass or a full-glass.”

So, basically this place not only has a huge variety of wine to suit your taste buds but has also made drinking it cool, fun and perhaps even an experience in itself.

Now let’s talk about the wines itself. Their 150+ labels are sourced from almost every major wine-region across the world like France, Argentina and Australia. Of these, 100 labels are served by glass and the remaining by bottles. Of these, their most expensive variety is the Tignanello priced at INR 30,000 and their most affordable one is the Cape Elephant, priced at INR 2285.  Meanwhile, François Labet (Pinot Noir 2016), Lancers Rosé and Pink Moscato by Yellow Tail are currently their bestsellers. So do give them a try (a tasting portion at least) when you visit.

When queried, if they are proud for serving any particular kind of wines, the company said, “Amongst the many labels, we are extremely honored and proud to serve J’Noon (white and red) and the Vallone dessert wine. J’Noon is a limited-edition collaboration wine between Jean-Charles Boisset, acclaimed proprietor of the Boisset Collection, producer in France and California, and Kapil Sekhri, the dynamic entrepreneur of Indian brand, Fratellli Wines. Only 2400 limited-edition bottles were produced, and Wine Villa was one of the few restaurants serving this. Moreover, we even serve magnum size bottle 1.5 liters (Fratelli sette 2013 at INR 7855). Even the Vallone dessert wine had only 973 bottles produced from the 2016 harvest and again served at a select few restaurants in Mumbai including Wine Villa.”

Now that’s something that anyone would be proud of!!

Apart from wine, the restaurant also serves various cocktails. These are prepared under the careful guidance of their master mixologist – Prem, who has more than 8 years of experience behind the bar and is also one of the national finalists in a cocktail mixing competition.

So if you are a cocktail lover, do head there & try their best seller – the Illusionist. It consists of equal parts of Blended scotch and American whiskey along with Lapsung souchang tea syrup and herbal wine stirred with ice ace and poured in rock glass, smoked with cherry wood. (wow, I’m sure it tastes as good as it sounds)

Moving on to the food. Wine Villa has taken this as seriously as their alcohol. This department is headed by executive chef Anil Jayaprakash, who comes with about 13 years of industry experience. To pair with the different varieties of wine, the restaurant serves cuisines ranging from down south to Western European.

So you have good wines, cocktails and even food. All this you get to enjoy in a beautiful ambience designed by Collab.Co. The interiors has been carefully laid out so it appeases to people across all generations. Speaking on the same, the company said, that while Wine Villa “turns into a hip party place at night, akin to a club, the ambience during the afternoons and evenings is one of serenity with white lights and soft music dominating the scenes.”

Future plans?? Well, they plan to over the next 6 months add close to 50 wines, both international and domestic brands (like 150 was not enough) and increase their branches. While currently Wine Villa is present only in India’s financial capital, they wish to open one in India’s IT capital – Bengaluru and probably another one in Dubai, over the next 6-12 months.

Tips for our readers – Wine Villa has recently introduced a new menu and are also offering happy hours apart from offers for the summers and the IPL season, called the ‘Cricket Meltdown’. You can get more info on these on their FB page.

So, do visit them when in Mumbai, even if you don’t love wine, just to experience this unique insta-worthy setting. And of course, do let us know what you enjoyed the most. Until, next time …. À ta santé!!

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