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This farm Airbnb where one can feed animals, walk dogs & even chop wood is a perfect getaway to relax and distress. Oh wait…they also offer horse assisted counseling known worldwide as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy!!

We at BucketList.Asia are always on the lookout for both new & unique places across the continent. And when we stumbled upon this beautiful farm Airbnb, we had to share it with our readers.

Located in Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, Australia, is a 15-acre farm owned by Leslie Rogers. Aptly named Full Gallop, this farm is home not only to Leslie but also to three full sized horses and one miniature horse. And they of course share it with other domestic animals such as cows, donkeys, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks and geese.

So what can one do here to distress?? Well, I guess you can just laze around and get mesmerized in the farm’s scenic beauty. That said, if your idea of relaxing is not being completely lazy, this Airbnb offers various fun farm activities such as feeding animals, walking dogs, chopping wood and even riding those beautiful horses. You also have the option to wander across the paddocks and the beautiful blueberry bushes before ending the day by a bonfire under a blanket of stars.

Elaborating more on the same, Leslie told BucketList.Asia, “There is a huge dam and the dogs will chase balls into the dam and bring them back to you. In season guests can pick blueberries, as many as they want, to eat. When there are baby chickens or ducks guests are welcome to feed them or pick them up if they want to and they are quite enough.”

So where does one stay after experiencing these fun-filled activities?? Well, the farm boasts of some WOW accommodation options from which you can choose. They currently offer three types, – The Hide, The Barn and The Stable. While all of them are wonderful and have their own unique style, we personally prefer the first option. This is primarily because it comes with huge picture windows. This not only gives a feeling of being in nature but also allows you to see many native animals graze right before the windows. The beautiful sunrise that you can view from the comfort of your bed is an added bonus.

Meanwhile, the Barn is an accommodation option that is at the end of the main farm house. Just like the above option, it too comes with a kitchen, a dining area and en-suite bathroom. The beauty of opting this, is that you could get an opportunity to play host to many kookaburras that visit the little private back garden that is part of the Barn. Oh wait, this garden is also home to your own chickens for eggs.

The last option – The Stable, comes with a private entry, a queen sized four poster bed a little kitchen nook with a small fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave and a pretty and a private bathroom, a few steps along a private passageway.

Oh and btw, they are in the process of rolling out a fourth accommodation option called – The Snug. This is being built to be a self-contained little cottage with a similar outlook as The Hide.

In terms of pricing, a one-night stay at The Hide and The Snug will cost your between AUD80  – AUD 120 (depending on the season), while at The Barn would be AUD70 to AUD110. The Stable is the most affordable at AUD60 to AUD80 a night.

So who should visit?? Well, everyone who is seeking a genuine country experience, or looking to relax and distress. It could be couples wanting to reconnect with each other or even families with kids who are looking for a kid-friendly getaway.

Before we conclude, we wanted to touch on the other side of this place. That is, acting as a therapy farm (if we may call it one). Speaking on the same, Leslie said she works with people who have psychological injury from their work. How?? Well, as per their website, the farm provides horse assisted coaching and counseling, which is also said to be known worldwide as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Using horses, the farm helps families and individuals with relationship issues, depression, stress and anxiety, bullying, grief and loss. Do visit for more info.

All-in-all, this is definitely a very unique and beautiful Airbnb we have come across in recent times. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it. So, if in Tasmania and looking for a farm getaway or some therapy, do head to this place…we are pretty sure you will not be disappointed!!

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