Ever wanted to watch a movie with your besties or family members and have the entire theatre to yourselves?? Then, Eagle Gold which offers an entire cinema hall for just 12 guests should be on your BucketList!!

I love watching movies, more so at the theatres. The entire experience of wathcing them on a big screen connected to good-quality sound speakers, while of course, munching on freshly made popcorn is blissful. This, for me, can never be substituted by watching a movie at home, be it on a tablet or a phone or for that matter, or even on a large television set. And I am sure there are many readers that feel the same.

But many a times, I have wished I could have the entire theatre to myself, so I could watch it with my group of best pals or my close family members. Have you by any chance felt the same?? Well, this wish has now turned reality, that is, if you are based in Singapore, thanks to Eagle Wings Cinematics.

Located at KAP Residences Mall at King Albert Park, this is the company’s first cinema, that opened their doors to the public as recently as December 2018. And here, they have a hall called Eagle Gold, which can seat just 12 people. Yes, that’s right!! Priced at S$30 for peak hours and S$22 for off-peak periods, per seat, (or couch if we may say),  it makes for a cosy/fun experience with a small group of your near and dear ones!! So, if you are in Singapore, go ahead and book this option…oh make sure you have 11 other near and dear ones, be it family or pals before you go ahead.

And wait, that’s just not it, they also have another hall option – Eagle Platinum that seats just 18 people. So if you have a larger group, fret not, as you can choose this option. Seats at this hall, which has an equally intimate ambience are priced at S$34 during peak hours and S$26 for non-peak hours.

Eagle Platinum (source:Instagram)

Of course (needless to say), in both the above options, it is not necessary to book all the 12/18 seats. One can even book just 1 seat and share the hall with others who, like you are perhaps looking to experience a movie in a less-crowded enviornment.

That said, this cinema is just not about intimate movie experiences. They have 2 other standard halls. While one of them has 60 seats, the other has 63. Tickets at these halls are competitive with other local cinemas. They are set at S$12.50 on weekends inclusive of Friday evenings and just S$9.50 on weekdays.

Eagle Classic (source:Eagle Wing Cinematics)

Oh wait, you have a reason to cheer if you are student or a senior citizen. Reason being, this cinema offers heavily discounted tickets at S$6.50 and S$5.50 respectively to them from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

So, what else is special about this cinema. Well, they are not a regular run-off-the-mill cinema. They provide a premium experience to all movie goers, thanks to their two-storey premium lounge, which comes with a luxurious ambience. Here, guests can enjoy a drink or a nice conversation with fellow moviegoers, or simply relax in a massage chair, before dispersing to the movie halls.

Second Floor of the Premium Lounge (Source:Eagle Wing Cinematics)
Massage Chairs (source:Instagram)

The premium experience continues with the food menu because no movie experience is complete without a good munch. So what does this cinema provide?? Well, there are enough snacks to whet one’s appetite, such as salad, ice cream, and of course alcoholic drinks.

Reader tip: Be sure to try their signature Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s pure bliss!!

That said, if you still fancy dining out before or after the show, the cinema is just adjacent to Eagle Wings Loft, a restaurant featuring rich meals from both Western and oriental culture.

So, no matter whether you’re a seasoned moviegoer or just want to spend time out, you won’t be let down by this unique experience brought to you by Eagle Wings Cinematics. Oh, and btw, Eagle Wings Cinematics is currently offering a promotion. For S$6, Classic ticket holders can enjoy access to the Premium Lounge and a signature welcome mocktail. (So do hurry and make the best of it)

Promotion (source: Eagle Wing Cinematics)

Before we conclude, we should appreciate the efforts taken by the company in setting up this cinema. Considering the space restraints of each shop space in the mall, it was said to be quite a feat for them to put the cinema together, requiring the sibling entrepreneurs to contact ten different landlords to lease twelve units for its construction.

We feel their efforts have not gone to waste as they have provided an awesome platform for everyone in the city to enjoy a movie. So do visit this cinema when in the beautiful island city-state and watch a movie while enjoying the sticky toffee snack!! … And that’s a wrap/cut/ The End!!

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