Recipes from 19th century bartender manuals + rare whiskies from around the world + award-winning mixologist!! – Cocktail Lovers, this new Bangkok bar should be on your BucketList!!

Nightlife in Bangkok has evolved over the years. There are an increasing number of hip and unique bars opening up in recent times. And today, we are going to cover one such bar that gives a lot of emphasis to its cocktails.

Located on the 11th floor of Akyra Hotel is this new-age cocktail bar called – 008. The 130sqft bar which seats 42 guests at a time and plays jazz music, opened its doors to the public on 14 December 2018. It has a modern contemporary, warm wood ambience, carefully planned by Khun Sitthan Sa-nguankun (Turk), the same mastermind who was behind designing the interiors of other nightspots such as Sugarray You’ve Just Been Poisoned, Q&A and Thaipioka.

So what is 008’s USP? Well the cocktails itself!! Speaking more on the same, the bar told BucketList.Asia, “008 Bar is a charming space which is as perfectly mixed as their range of signature cocktails that came to prominence during the Prohibition era. We apply a modern technique and combination that have a great recipe come from bartender manuals dating from the 19th century until prohibition. We’ve modified them to enjoy today while retaining a taste of the past. Moreover, we will offer an excellent range of rare whiskies around the world. The cocktail menu design by our by award-winning World Class South East Asia, 2019 Khun Pailin “Milk” Sajjanit.”

For those of you who have not heard of Sajjanit, she is a famed mixologist who has won many accolades in cocktail competitions not only at the city level but also at the Southeast Asia level. She has had stints in Vesper and St. Regis’s Zuma. So, if you have had an awesome cocktail in the past in either of these two places, there is a high chance it was prepared by her or under her guidance.

Here at 008, Sajjanit leads a team of 4 bartenders. Two of whom are so prominent that they are considered Sajjanit’s hands. These include mixologist Khun May and Khun Tum. The latter is said to have earlier worked at Bamboo Bar. So rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Now, moving on to the cocktails itself. While they do custom orders based on guest preference, their popular ones include, ‘Tommy Flowers’, which is a mix of Whitley Vodka, Sweet corn, Blanc vermouth, Egg white, ‘PYROBLAST’, which is a combination of Pineapple Rum, Pyroblast Syrup, Clarify, Pineapple, & Coconut and finally the ‘1920s’, which includes stirring together Whitley Dry Gin, Campari & Clarified orange infused vermouth.

Since it’s still a new bar, expect a lot of additions soon. For instance, a full cocktail & food menu within a month and in the next 3-4 months their signature barrel aged cocktails. Now, the latter definitely sounds interesting!!

So, to conclude, if you enjoy sipping awesome cocktails while listening to beautiful jazz music, all in a modern contemporary ambience & comfy leather seats, the 008 bar should be on your BucketList!! Do visit the place & let us know your thoughts. Until next time….cheers!!

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