Love yakitori, uni shabu shabu and yasai maki, then head to this new Japanese restaurant headed by Executive Chef Asai Masashi

It’s raining restaurants in Singapore and today we are going to cover one that specializes in Japanese cuisine.

Officially launched to the public on 14 May 2019 is Bincho at Min Jiang. Located at Dempsey Road, this 1,000 square feet restaurant is hidden behind a colonial building. Their inconspicuous entrance is in fact said to be one of their wow factors/USPs, according to the restaurant.

Their press release further explains the same. It says diners would be greeted with an “unassuming entrance via a dark black door with frosted glass panels; a charming vaulted roof; copper-hued interiors; with a Japanese folk playlist providing background chatter.” Now this sounds interesting. Guess it’s also a nice approach as it could succeed in instilling some kind of curiosity about the dining experience before entering it.

So, what is it like on the inside?? Well, speaking to BucketList.Asia, the restaurant said, the venue, designed by celebrated architect and interior designer, Ernesto Bedmar combines the use of bronze metal, textured wood and monochrome marble tops to achieve a contemporary industrial-chic style ambience.

“Black framed ceiling-to-floor windows and frosted glass fixtures adds to the interior’s edgy and enigmatic feel. Softer touches of white marble tops, leather plush seating along with the restaurant’s warm and dimly lit lights set the tone for an excellent Japanese meal to follow’, it added.

Now, let’s move on to the most important aspect of the restaurant, the food!! Well, this department is headed by Executive Chef Asai Masashi, who hails from the Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan & has a total of 30 years of experience in this field. He is said to be a former of the prestigious Abeno Tsuji Culinary Institute and more importantly is said to have honed his skills while spending thirteen years of his career at various dining destinations in Hyōgo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Now, that’s an impressive profile!!

 So who should go?? Well, everyone who loves authentic Japanese cuisine be it yakitori (Japanese grill), uni shabu shabu (sea urchin hotpot) or yasai maki (Japanese meat rolls). Once here, do try their signature Yakitori Platter that features various part of the chicken, where no protein is left out and the Uni Shabu Shabu, which features a luxurious ‘Uni broth’ made from fresh Sea Urchin. The latter is said to be a dish created by Chef Asai exclusively for this restaurant.

The restaurant also takes its drinks seriously. Bincho’s bar uses the freshest fruits of the season to present a progressive menu of cocktails concocted alongside the restaurant’s extensive collection of sake and liquor. Head mixologist, Joe Chan could further please the diners with signature mainstay cocktails such as Yuzu Shiso Martini, Banks of Bincho, Yuzu Be Alright, and Bedtime Nori. (Tip – Tuesdays are corkage-free days).

What we felt noteworthy however was that like the food menus, a special range of cocktails are also created from time to time to suit the season. 

So, to conclude, if you love Japanese food and are in Singapore, do head to this new restaurant to enjoy good food & drinks in a nice, chic ambience. So, until next time….Sayonara!!

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